Stock and Dividend Information

Track, evaluate, and monitor AbbVie stock with these useful resources.
Stock Quote »
Allows investors to view the latest stock quote for AbbVie.

Stock Price Graph »
An interactive stock chart allows viewers to select a time frame and to index the company’s stock against the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Prices are refreshed automatically throughout the day. The 20-minute delayed quote information includes last trade, change, percent change, as well as the current day’s volume and range (high/low).
Cost Basis Calculator »
Input a historic investment date and dollar amount to instantly calculate the current market value of an investment, as well as the return.

Historical Price Look Up »
View AbbVie’s Historical Price Look Up.
Dividends »
View historical dividends paid by AbbVie.
European Stock Exchange Listing Information »
View information about AbbVie's European Stock Exchange Listings.
Shareholder Tax Basis Information »
View information about cost/tax basis for Abbott and AbbVie shares.

Shareholder Tax Basis Information – Pharmacyclics, Inc. »
View IRS Form 8937 (Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities) for Pharmacyclics, Inc.

Shareholder Information - Pharmacyclics, Inc. Transaction »
View information related to the closing of the acquisition of Pharmacyclics, Inc.

Tax Information for Canadian Shareholders »
View tax information regarding the Abbott/AbbVie separation for Canadian Shareholders.

Illinois Income Tax Information »
View Illinois Income Tax Information Regarding AbbVie Dividends.



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